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Teaching and learning

We plan our teaching and learning to provide opportunities for every child to attain the highest level of personal achievement, taking into account the individual needs of all children. 

Teachers have high expectations and employ a variety of teaching and learning strategies across a range of appropriate contexts throughout the curriculum.

Learning tasks are made relevant and meaningful to pupils and any grouping of pupils will take account of individual learning needs. To ensure pupils gain the maximum access to the curriculum, careful planning and thoughtful imaginative teaching of consistently high quality are considered essential.  Creative hooks are used to engage children in their learning.

We have adopted a shared language for learning across the school and teach the children how to identify their success and respond to feedback effectively.  We believe in developing confident learners who are adaptable, resilient, resourceful and independent. Our values (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner) underpin every aspect of school life and promote collaborative, motivated learning and creative thinking.