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Behaviour and anti-bullying


At Belmont Primary School, we believe that positive behaviour, both in terms of attitudes to learning and personal conduct and relationships, is a crucial underpinning for learning and success.


Governors are required by law to provide a statement of principles promoting good behaviour. The Principles below have been developed and agreed by the Governing Body after consultation with pupils, parents and staff, and take into account the relevant statutory guidance and related legislation.


They underpin our Behaviour Policy, which sets out in detail the roles, responsibilities and practice in this area, and provides specific guidance in relation to issues of screening and searching, the use of reasonable force, the power to discipline beyond the School gate and pastoral care for staff accused of misconduct. The establishment and implementation of the Policy is the responsibility of the Head Teacher.


The Principles and Policy will be subject to annual review by the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team, consulting with other stakeholders as necessary.


The Principles reflect and support the School’s Values: Be safe, Be respectful, Be a learner



  • The purpose of these Principles, and the Policy they support, is to promote consistently positive and creative attitudes to learning, and to help to develop our children as motivated, independent learners with high levels of resilience, self-belief, aspiration and attainment.


  • All members of our community3 have the right to work, learn and play in a safe, stress-free and caring environment. Pupils are encouraged to have respect for themselves, their peers and adults, for the rights of others and for the school environment, and to take responsibility for their own behaviour. All adults should demonstrate genuine care and respect for every child, modelling the quality of relationships and standards of behaviour they expect from the children.


  • Our Policy ensures fair, honest and consistent treatment for all members of our community, and takes into account the specific needs of individual children, including vulnerable pupils4. It supports the School’s commitment to improving outcomes for all pupils, and promotes integrity and equality of opportunity throughout the School.


  • Our approach to, and strategies for, behaviour management are clear and unequivocal. Expectations and boundaries are widely understood. Positive reward and praise are the norm rather than the exception, but, where necessary, sanctions are clear and are applied fairly and consistently.


  • The Policy demonstrates our commitment to appropriate behaviours and to our School values. Pupils, parents, staff and governors will co-operate in its implementation.