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Belmont Home School Association     

The Belmont Home School Association (BHSA) is Belmont’s PTA. It is a registered charity with two goals:


  • Fundraising: raising money to contribute towards school trips, additional activities to deepen and strengthen the children’s learning and school redevelopment projects:


  • Enhance the school’s community: organising fun events which bring our community together; encouraging parents/carers to volunteer their time to the school; creating and maintaining a group of parent Class Reps to organise school fairs, liaise with class teachers and communicate information to parents and carers in their class.


To raise funds, the BHSA organises many fun, inclusive and exciting activities throughout the year including bake sales, Christmas and Summer Fairs, second hand uniform sales, parents and carers’ quiz nights, parents and carers’ music nights, kids’ movie nights and kids’ discos.


The BHSA isn’t all about raising money. To enhance the school’s community, the BHSA organises non fundraising events such as Beautify Belmont and coffee mornings. These events are about the community coming together, working together and getting to know each other.


Belmont is very lucky to have an amazing community of parents and carers, whose energy, time and creativity enables the BHSA to be so successful. We raise at least £20,000 every year, some years significantly more. The BHSA welcomes all parents and carers to get involved by whatever means they can. Involvement can be in many different ways – being a class representative, giving time to assist on events, organising events, donating items or money, coming up with new ideas for fundraising and community enhancement activities or just attending events.


We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who get involved and we look forward to having another fun and exciting year with you all.


Mya Miah

BHSA Chair


BHSA Committee


The current members of the BHSA Committee are as follows:


Parent Volunteers:

Mya Miah                   Chair                                      

Sandra Mithani         Vice Chair                             

Aurelia Cheung         Secretary                              

Kate Titchmarsh       Treasurer                              

Simon Nudds            Generalist Member             

Jin Dhoot                   Generalist Member             


School Representatives:

Elaine Lacey (Head Teacher)                                Honorary President

Clare Frewer (Deputy Head Teacher)                 Staff Committee Member

Sarah Boyadjian (Deputy Head Teacher)           Staff Committee Member

Alison Lakey (School Business Manager)           Staff Committee Member


You can contact the BHSA at teambhsa@gmail.com or the Chair directly at mya.miah1980@gmail.com



Some useful links:


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Class reps' contact details can be obtained through the class list.


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