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Art, Design and Technology


Art and Design is taught through our topic based curriculum, as is Design and Technology.  This means that the topic provides a context for the design element of each unit.  Children explore different artistic media and modelling materials from an early age and develop their creativity, as well as learning specific skills and techniques to enable them to undertake projects effectively. 


In Art and Design, children learn to respond to the work of different artists and explore a range of techniques and media using sketch books before applying their skills to their own pictures or three-dimensional work.  Local artists are involved where possible to support focus activities such as those leading up to whole school art exhibitions.  In 2012, our exhibition was part of the wider ‘Face Britain’ Jubilee project with all children producing self portraits.  In 2013, the focus was on observational drawing.  Older children with particular talent in art have had the opportunity to work with an artist from the Royal Academy of Arts.    


The Design and Technology curriculum develops children’s understanding of the world and how we live and work within it.  Through investigating technological processes and manufactured products, pupils can appreciate the important contribution these make to our society.  Design and Technology offers children opportunities to nurture creativity and innovation through designing and making products.  The Curriculum includes opportunities to explore textiles, food technology, structures, mechanisms and control technology.


Art and Design Policy

Design and Technology Policy