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Modern Foreign Languages


French is taught to children each week throughout Key Stage 2.  The focus is on practical communication and conversation, alongside the development of vocabulary and grammatical structures.  This is made relevant using familiar situations and routines in the children's lives.  A balance is provided of both spoken and written language; teaching and learning activities are planned and led by a native French speaker and supported by a range of materials including interactive and online resources.


As with other subjects within the School, careful differentiation is made where children have differing language needs. Beginners in English may require additional English teaching initially rather than spending time on French. Children who have French as a home language are catered for according to their fluency and competence with spoken and written French, in consultation with their parents, class teachers and French teacher. 


In addition, the School has recently introduced a 'Language of the month', giving children throughout the School the opportunity to explore other languages and learn and practise basic vocabulary such as greetings, numbers etc.  This initiative is child-focused, supported by a primary school based online resource and also draws on expertise within the school population.


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