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Religious Education


At Belmont, we follow the London Borough of Hounslow agreed syllabus for Religious Education, Widening Horizons, as is the statutory requirement for community primary schools.  Through this, children are taught about the central elements of Christianity and other major religions, including  non-theistic traditions such as humanism.  They have the opportunity to explore faith and spirituality, develop a deeper sense of their own beliefs and values and ask and consider challenging questions within a context of mutual trust and respect.  In line with the philosophy of this syllabus, we believe that RE helps equip children to be members of the diverse local, national and international communities in which they live.  It allows them to look beyond themselves and discover fundamental things about themselves and about being human. 


RE is primarily taught in units over the course of the year and the curriculum is enriched by visits to local places of worship and visitors to the School from various religious backgrounds. 


Parents have the right to withdraw their children from some or all Religious Education lessons and assemblies. Assemblies are daily times of collective worship when pupils of all faiths and none meet together for reflection. They are non-denominational and, although of broadly Christian nature,  take account of the diversity of the School population.  An appointment should be made with the Head Teacher by parents considering the option of withdrawal.


See also the section on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Religious Education Policy