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Boccia Ball Tournament

Three of our children were invited to participate in the Hounslow Boccia Competiton.  Boccia is an inclusive sport that tests muscle control and accuracy. Players propel balls to land close to a target ball. Two sides compete as individuals, pairs or as a team of three over a set number of ends. Each side has six balls (red or blue) each end to try and score points. Points are accumulated over the course of a match to find a winner.


Ozzie told us more:

We got a taxi to the tournament and sat waiting for our turn, watching the other children rolling their balls. Then it was our turn. We sat on the blue chairs and the others sat on the red.  Felix rolled the ball first, then Aidan and then it was my turn. I accidentally rolled it too far, but then one minute later i got to do it again. We had lots of fun!