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Cross Country Event


We would like to say a huge congratulations and a big well done to Year 5 and 6 team!


Years 5 and 6 competed in a Cross Country Event, which involved over 300 participants from across the borough!


Manon and Grace were asked to recall their day:- "We were put into teams of three, which we raced as a relay for us to get a team place" explained Manon

 "Everybody was cheering us on. It was hard but we felt proud. It was very tiring"  beamed Grace,

"Our favourite part was when we did the 1200 m. Some of us ran together to support each other on the way" 


The results were:

Girls came 4th Place in the relay finishes!

Isabella took 4th place in Individual 1200 m race!

Boys took 3rd place in the 600m relay! 


The rest of the team quoted on their day:-  "We strived to do our hardest", "We respected other competitors and teams", We thought "WE CAN MAKE IT TO THE END!", "We aspired to do our best" and " We helped each other on our way to victory"

                                                                                                                                                                           Manon and Grace