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Nursery Notice Board

We have reached the last week (and two days) of the term and it has been a fantastic year. The children have all worked very hard and we are very proud of them. Thank you for all your support this year.

Your child's school report will come home with them on Tuesday.

One last treat for the children - The children will have an ice lolly party -  Blueberries and Bananas on Friday morning

Grapes and Strawberries on Thursday afternoon.


Learning next week:

The children will be:  Making simple CVC words using the osunds - s a t p i n 

                                      Comparing amounts - looking at more and fewer/less                                                                                                                                                                  

Reading Books

Please return any library or reading books you have at home. Thank you.


Important Reminder: Please remember we are a nut and sesame free school and any packed lunch you send in with your child should not contain these ingredients. Thank you.

Wellington Boots - if your child wears wellington boots to school could you please ensure that they have a pair of shoes to change into for indoor wear. Thank you.


PE sessions

Bananas and Blueberries have PE on Wednesday morning

Grapes and Strawberries have PE on Thursday afternoon.

We are encouraging the children to take off shoes and socks/tights and jumpers independently then to put them back on again. Please could you support this by ensuring your child wears something easy to remove on their PE days. Thank you.  



Bananas and Blueberries go to the library on Friday morning

Grapes and Strawberries go to the library on Tuesday afternoon.

Please return books in good time so that your child can choose a new book to borrow. Thank you.


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made donations of breadsticks or tissues. We now have plenty of both and will send out a new request when we are nearing the end of our supplies.


Water bottles and flasks - These should be clearly named as we have some children with the same bottles and it is a bit confusing ensuring they get the right one. Also the bottles should only have water in them.

Packed lunch -  Your child should bring a lunch on their allocated full day: Strawberries - Tuesday, Bananas - Wednesday and Grapes - Thursday.

Please ensure your child has no nut or sesame products and please can you cut any grapes in half to avoid a possible choking hazard. Thank you.


Before and after school.

Please do not let any children play on apparatus, especially bikes and scooters, whilst they are waiting with you to come into school or to leave the playground. Thank you.



Bananas: Tim Clyde, Alexandra Truong

Blueberries: Aamer Fatah

Grapes: Rena Chahal, Carly Hyams

Strawberries: Jeannine Mosman



Coming into Nursery

When your child comes into Nursery they need to register themselves by putting their picture on the correct cupboard door. They then need to move into the cloakroom area and find another picture of themselves to use as a peg label. As we go through this first half term we will be expecting the children to be able to do this independently.

The gate will need to be locked at 9.10. If you are late arriving at school you will need to come in through the main entrance and register the children there. Thank you.



Calendar /Key dates

11th July - Nursery will be closed.


School Diary





Home Learning

Recent and extensive educational research has found that homework for primary aged children has minimal impact unless it reinforces learning and regularly allows children to rehearse and practise skills and facts e.g. times tables and spellings.


Helping your child with reading 

Nurturing young readers




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