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At Belmont Nursery, we aim to develop a love for learning, creativity and problem solving. We encourage the children to become independent learners through playing and exploring as well as through fun, adult-directed activities that aim to further support or extend their learning. The children have opportunities to practise and consolidate new skills and to apply their learning in different contexts in a  stimulating environment with a wide range of resources that are easily accessible for child initiated learning both inside and outside.

We provide the children with opportunities to enable them to understand how to be responsible, respectful, active citizens through an understanding of our Belmont Values: Be Safe, Be a Learner and Be Respectful.


Children are eligible for a nursery place during the school year in which they have their fourth birthday.  Each child attends for 15 hours per week, which is equivalent to five sessions.  The Belmont Nursery is open for five mornings and three afternoons each week and, to provide some flexibility for families, parents are able to express preference for half-day sessions.  

Nursery hours are 8.45 - 11.45 am. (9.00 am start for the option with a full day) and 12.30 - 3.30 pm.  Those remaining for lunch eat between 11.45 - 12.30 pm. within the nursery setting and under the supervision of one of our Early Years practitioners. The Nursery is self-contained, with its own entrance, three spacious rooms, toilet facilities and an outdoor area.

Parents also have the opportunity to pay for additional sessions during the week at a rate of £30 for 3. 75 hours. These additional places are subject to availability. 

The induction period for children in the Nursery is carefully planned to develop the relationships between home and school and to allow each child to become known as an individual and to feel confident and secure within the setting.  Early in the autumn term, the class teacher and another member of the nursery team make a home visit to each child.  Children and their parents are also invited for a drop-in morning or afternoon with the other children due to attend the same sessions.  This enables staff, children and parents to begin to get to know one another and gives parents the opportunity to ask questions.  In their first two weeks, children attend for half their sessions so that group sizes are kept small.

 If you have any queries about Belmont nursery, please contact the school office, who will be glad to assist.