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Y5 Notice Board during school closure


We will post school work on this Notice Board on Monday and Wednesday. The work set for Friday will be posted on Wednesday.  If you need to contact us please use the following email addresses:




We have created a password protected Y5 page which allows us to post children's work and photos safely.  You will receive a parentmail with the Y5 password. Please do not share this beyond our immediate Y5 community.


We hope that you and your families stay safe and well. Here is some advice from the Healthy Schools team: Staying Healthy - Information for Parent 


Final whole class zoom at 10am on Thursday 16th July. Please sign up by 2pm (in Google Classroom) on Wednesday.

  • Here is a guide to how to access Google Classroom and complete the assignments.

Google Classroom help sheet (remember to make sure children are logged in with their .313@belmontprimary.school login).

  • Please have a look at this linkExplaining the coronavirus for children
  • If you have received an email asking for google permission, please go to the website: parents/ online forms/ google classroom permission form.

 Thank you for your support!

Wednesday 15th-Friday 17th July

Hello Year 5, this is our final week of term. We are so happy with your patience and your eagerness to complete the tasks we have created. Thank you

The time for Zoom this week will be at 10am. The theme for our last zoom is… Share a message (create a poster) with your class about Year 5 or about going into Year 6; Share your musical talents or recite a poem. We can’t wait!

Make sure you read the Google Classroom instructions and ask questions in the attached assignment if you have any!

 Why not start the day with some exercise:

GoNoodle - Bring It Down

Cosmic Kids Yoga

As you may have heard we will not be uploading work on a Friday anymore, which means you will have to pace yourselves. Pay attention to the days we want you to complete the work by. Tasks will be scheduled in Google Classroom and there will sometimes be answers posted for you to self mark. Please read the instructions.

Well done to our stars of the week last week. Look out for the Star Of The Week on Google Classroom on Friday. Who will it be this week?


 Wednesday: Today you will be learning about persuasive texts. You will be designing a poster advertising your robot from yesterday. Log onto Google Classroom to watch the tutorial.

Thursday: Today you are going to write a letter to your new Year 6 teacher (Mrs Fanshawe or Miss Kay). Your letter should tell them how you are feeling moving into Year 6; what you are looking forward to; what you may be concerned about and questions for your new teacher. Log onto Google Classroom to write your letter on the google doc.

Friday: Today you are going to edit your letters from yesterday.


Wednesday:  Complete the problem solving cards on a variety of topics we covered in maths this year. Answers are attached for you to self-mark once you have finished.



Thursday: Complete the arithmetic paper. Choose either mild or hot and then self-mark or mark with an adult.

Mild        Hot

Friday: Complete the maths summer themed activity booklet. Answers attached for you to self-mark.

Summer Theme Questions

Summer Theme Answers


Have a look at the new  SUMDOG Competition on key concepts you have covered in Year 5! Check out last week’s highest achievers on our photo page! The first ten on the leader board got awarded 50 coins!

Don't forget to continue to practise the rapid recall of your times tables with Hit the Button, Sumdog, Mymaths.

Practise your times tables with some music. Follow the link below – you will need to log onto Charanga so get your details ready! Tuning the tables


Wednesday: You have learnt a lot about Pharaohs and other noble Egyptians at the top of the hierarchy triangle. Today you will use BBC Bitesize video clips and activities to research about ancient Egyptians at the bottom of the triangle.

Lesson 11

Label the home and write notes/draw diagrams to show what you have learnt about jobs, things in the home and food on the sheet provided or copy it into your green books.


Thursday: Today you will use BBC Bitesize again to learn a bit more about ancient Egyptian farming around the River Nile. Did you know the ancient Egyptians played games for entertainment? The second link in the lesson will show you some of these games, try making Mehen and play it with your family. How does it compare to board games you play at home? Extension Activity- Write a review of the game Mehen.

Lesson 12

Friday: Well done you have completed our Ancient Egyptians Topic!

Complete this lesson to find out what happened to the ancient Egyptians then play the game to revise your learning.

Finally try the quiz to see what you have learnt. If you find any questions tricky, don’t worry because we know at Belmont we can learn from our mistakes and try again!!


Lesson 13 and Quiz


Spellings: Words associated with mummification and time conjunctions

Monday – Thursday. Keep practising your spellings! We have reached the end of our spelling list so are recapping some of the trickier words. Good luck!



List 2

















Homework book pages: Over the last two weeks of this term please complete any pages you haven’t yet completed in your Maths and SPAG homework books.

Once you have finished, you can either self-mark or ask someone to help you mark your answers using the answer pages at the back- no peeking before you’re done. If you got any wrong, become a detective and work out how you went wrong and what you can do to change it. 


Read a new book: Top reads for Year 5

Our class book this term is Wolf Brother.

Log onto Google Classroom. You should be able to see the classwork set.

Listen to Chapter 21, 22 and 23 of ‘Wolf Brother’ audio and answer the questions. Remember to follow the instructions we posted.

Here is a guide to how to access Google Classrooms and complete the assignments.

Google Classroom help sheet

(remember to make sure you are logged in with your .313@belmontprimary.school login).

 Stories and poems to listen to:  Benjamin ZephaniahMicheal Rosen

Check out what's new with Phillip Pullman: Philip Pullman



Continue to practice your handwriting!


Handwriting practise         Pencil control pattern workbook

Handwriting (adcot)           Handwriting (mount)

Handwriting practise 2



 ๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐Ÿซ Bonjour année 5 !

๐Ÿฅณ C'est la journée française de Belmont demain (Mardi 14 Juillet)! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿค โค๏ธ

๐Ÿ“œRemember to upload your posters in Classroom. Make sure you have added and uploaded a picture before clicking 'hand-in' in Classroom. You can see the posters which have already been returned here: https://sites.google.com/belmontprimary.school/belmontfrench/french-culture/belmont-french-day/posters

๐ŸฅThe 'Cuisine française' page has also been updated so get baking and don't forget to send me pictures! You don't have to bake my recipes: you can cook any French dish! https://sites.google.com/belmontprimary.school/belmontfrench/french-culture/belmont-french-day/cuisine-fran%C3%A7aise

๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿค โค๏ธ Tomorrow will be our 'Grand Quiz de la Journée Française de Belmont' so keep on reading those Belmont French day pages to prepare! The winners of the quiz will be announced on Wednesday

Bonne journée !
Madame Radet ๐Ÿ™‚



*Please note: you must login to your Belmont Google account to access the website.

* If you are having issues downloading the activities: The issue is that you are probably not signed in to their Belmont Google Account. The solution is to use Chrome or, with other browsers, make sure that you are only signed in to Google with the Belmont account (sign out of all other Google accounts).