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Year Two Notice Board                            

Books we are reading in class this term include: 


Vlad and the Florence Nightingale Adventure (A Flea in History) :  Cunningham, Kate, Cunningham, Sam: Amazon.co.uk: Books   




Upcoming Date

6.3.24 - Year 1 & 2 Parent Drop in.
On Wednesday 6th March, parents are welcome to line up with their child in the playground and come in and experience the start of the day at 8.55am. This will end at 9.20am.
During this time the children will be doing their reading session which will have a focus on comprehension and answering questions about the text. Parents can read with their child or with the child's group and see the teachers deliver the lesson.
It would really helpful if you could tell your children in the days leading up to it if you're unable to join us so they know.
If you also have a child who is in Year 1 you can decide which year group to go to.


Please remember to look at the Creative Home Learning on Google Classroom.

Please could you send your child into school with a glue stick (non-coloured glue) as soon as possible if they have not recently brought one into school. Many thanks. 

  • Reading Records - Just a reminder that reading records should be returned to school every Monday with a comment about how your child has read in the past week. This is so the reading records can be checked and a new reading book can be given. We also give out the reading for pleasure/sharing books on Mondays, so these books also need to be brought to school along with the reading records. 


This noticeboard will be updated on Wednesday afternoons to keep you updated with life in Year 2 and with homework. 

The Year 2 team are:

Apricots - Mr McDonnell, Mrs Abu Zohra and Mrs Skinner (Fridays only)

Damsons - Miss Breen, Mrs Donnelly and Miss Porter.



Reading for Pleasure - Sharing books for class
As part of our focus on reading in school, we would like to develop the lending library of books within each class. This will enable the children to foster a passion and love of reading at Belmont and ensure that they have access to high quality texts.
Please find links to two book lists that have a variety of books that we would love to have in class.  Once a book has been donated to the class we will add a tick to show we now have it.  Please check the list to ensure that the book that you would like to donate is one that we don't already have.
These books will be stamped to show who has generously donated them and shared with all the class.

The books come from the Recommended Books for Year Two List which can be found here 

Apricots list (updated 17.11.23)

Thank you for the books donated so far.

Damsons list 


Water and Snacks

Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school every day. Fruit will be offered to the children every morning at playtime (10.15am). Your child is allowed to bring in their own healthy snack to eat at playtime. Please remember we are a nut-free school. 

Spring Topic 

Our topic this term is called 'Fighting For Survival' and we will be learning about the history of nursing, looking at key figures such as Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. We link this to the key event of the Crimean War.

Year 2 Spring Learning Tree

The below list is part of an initiative called Word Aware that we are using in school. We thought it would be helpful to share this list with you so that you can use some of these words at home when discussing the topic. If your child speaks a different language at home, it would be helpful to discuss and translate these words using your home language. We may add to this list during the topic as new words are introduced.





Word Aware - Fighting For Survival - Spring 2024  













Home Learning 

Each Year 2 child will bring home a CGP KS1 English - Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Homework Book. Details on which task to complete will appear below and these books need to be returned each Wednesday to be marked in class. Do not let your child complete all of the tasks in these books, we will set work linked to what we teach in class where possible and we will be assigning tasks each week therefore the book will not be completed in page order. 

Maths home learning for each week will be set on Google Classroom and the grammar home learning details will be listed in the Home Learning table below. 

Books for Year 2 

Here is a list of 50 books that are recommended reads for Year 2. 

50 Reads for Year 2


Handwriting sheets (to print off at home)

Handwriting cursive alphabet

Handwriting cursive days of the week

Handwriting cursive Y2 words 


Calendar/ Key dates

School Diary



Home Learning timetable  

Please see the table below for details of the home learning tasks.


15 minutes daily.

Please return reading records every Monday to let us see how your child is getting on and to let the children get new reading books. Make sure that the adult records a comment to say how the reading has gone.

Children will take a school library book to read at home for pleasure. Please return these on your child's class library day so that they can choose a new book. 


The spellings for next week's test on Monday 4th March are for words with the /oo/ or /yoo/ phoneme, represented by different unusual graphemes and one tricky word.





The link below has the Common Exception Words for KS1 if you would like some extra spellings to practise at home. 

Common Exception Words Y1 & Y2


Times Table Challenges can be printed here.

CGP KS1 English - Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Homework Book

Please complete page 43 (Double Letters with 'ing' and 'ed') in your CGP Grammar Book for this week's grammar homework. We will mark this in class on Wednesday 6th March.


Grammar books must be brought to school every Wednesday for marking.


Please ensure that no other pages are completed, other than the ones we set each week for homework.


Maths homework has been set this week. Please refer to Google Classroom.


Please check Google Classroom every Wednesday afternoon for details of the maths task that has been set. No homework is set during holidays.


Here is a link to our calculation policy. Please refer to this when you are working with your child at home. 

Creative Home Learning Project 

See Google Classroom


General Routine Information




Indoor PE (Damsons and Apricots)

We complete our weekly spellings.


Please return reading records and Reading for Pleasure books.


Apricots & Damsons need to come to school in a full Belmont PE kit that is labelled.


 Library (Damsons)

Both classes to bring in CGP grammar books for marking homework.


Damsons should bring in their library books. 


  Library (Apricots)

 Apricots should bring in their library books. 


Times-Table Challenge


Outdoor PE (Damsons & Apricots)

We will begin to complete our weekly times tables challenge after October half term .



Apricots & Damsons need to come to school in a full Belmont PE kit that is labelled.

For further information about Home Learning and ideas on how to support your child please click here

Common Exception Words - these are the words to read and spell by the end of Y2

CEW Y1 List & Y2 List

Learning this week:

Traditional Fairy Tales


 Multiplication and division

Learning next week:
English Traditional Fairy Tales
Maths Multiplication and division


Class Reps

Our class reps are:

BHSA Apricots: Ester and Teresa

BHSA Damsons: Vaida