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Home Learning


Weekly tasks reinforce learning and regularly allow children to rehearse and practise skills and facts e.g. times tables and spellings.   


Creative Home Learning

Each term the children are given a list of suggested activities connected to their theme e.g. Fighting for Survival (Year 2) and Why Britain? (Year 4).  These activities have links with other areas of the curriculum and give opportunity to reinforce learning whilst providing opportunity to extend learning.  Children are asked to choose their own tasks, encouraging creativity and independence.  These activities allow opportunity to demonstrate a range of lifelong skills that embrace individual interests and talents.


Home Learning is celebrated within the year group and children are given the opportunity to self and peer evaluate their work. Parents are invited to view the Creative Home Learning Exhibition across the school.



Year 1- From A to B                                                               Year 5 - World at War


Year 2 - I Love London                                                           Year 6 - What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?


Home Learning overview for parents

Home Learning Policy


How to support your child


Nurturing young readers

Supporting reading

Reading with your child at KS1

Reading with your child at KS2


Ideas to help with spelling

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check


Calculations Policy

Maths curriculum grid Y1

Maths curriculum grid Y2

Maths curriculum grid Y3

Maths curriculum grid Y4

Maths curriculum grid Y5

Maths curriculum grid Y6

Times Tables

Active Times Tables Games