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Belmont Primary School

Belmont Primary School

  • 'Belmont has always struck the right balance between academia and learning for life.'
  • 'A school that doesn't just excel at the academics but provides so much more, whether its music lessons and the lunchtime choir, or the 350 spaces in clubs each week, the football and netball teams or the shows that raise the roof of the top hall.'
    Parent Governor
  • 'The children are really fortunate to have such wonderful opportunities which is why they love Belmont and which makes it such an amazing school.'
  • 'All adults in the school model very high expectations of themselves and of others. They show outstanding levels of care and concern for the personal development and well-being of each individual pupil.'
    Ofsted 2007
  • 'Moving on to secondary school, I will miss the teachers at Belmont, the great sense of a hard working community, my friends and the netball team.'
  • 'On my first day at Belmont everyone was so welcoming and I made friends straight away'.
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Y6 Redstart trip: learning about money

First of all, Redstart is a trip to make children understand how to use money wisely and maintain your budget. When Y6 arrived, we were introduced to investors that worked in money at Legal and General. These investors explained our activity for the day. Everyone started with £500…unfortunately not real money! The object of the day was to see who could make the most money by taking some risks.


The way you could make money was by playing different games such as ‘Eye on the Prize’, ‘Fighting Fit’ and ‘Play it with the big boys’. As we said, some of the games have a risky choice or a safer choice. For example, Eye on the prize - the risky choice you have is to pay £50 to have a go but if you get the dart on the dartboard you get £40 per dart but you only get three darts. Also, if you put money in the bank it will increase a little bit with interest so it’s a safer risk. One of the riskiest options was giving your money to ‘Richy Rich’ – a ‘person who said he could double your money for doing nothing! Hmmm…?


During Y6’s session we were taken down to meet a trader, who explained the basics of trading and how much money they would be dealing with every day. It was a brilliant trip. We had loads of fun, tried something different and learnt how stressful it could be to have to make choices about money.


By Adonae and Sebastien