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Nursery Notice Board during school closure


We will post school work on this Notice Board on Monday with several tasks that you could do throughout the week. If you need to contact me please use the following email address:




We have created a password protected Nursery Page which allows us to post children's work and photos safely.  You will receive a parentmail with the Reception password. Please do not share this beyond our immediate Reception community.


We hope that you and your families stay safe and well. Here is some advice from the Healthy Schools team: Staying Healthy - Information for Parent 

Hello Nursery,

We hope everyone is staying safe and looking after each other. Here are some more activities you can do together.

Monday 30th March


Here is a story you might want to listen to it is written by Mick Inkpen. 

In Wibbly's Garden 

Which traditional tale is part of the story?

Retelling a familiar story.

Can your child retell their favourite story?

We have been talking about the traditional tales of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk recently but your child could retell any story.  

They might want to use the pictures in the book to help or use toys to be the characters or make some props.

Here are links to pages with characters if you have a printer at home. 

Jack and the Beanstalk

Little Red Riding Hood

As your child tells their story here are ideas for things to listen out for. If they are using a book do they start at the beginning and turn the pages carefully? Do they use 'story book' language such as 'Once upon a time' 'Lived happily ever after' 'The end'?  Does your child include extra details either in description such as 'big bad troll' or in plot with something different happening? 

Extend the task: Help your child to retell the story with themselves in a role - would they be Jack or the Giant? Red Riding Hood or the Wolf?



Counting accurately.

You will need some coins or some dried beans (to link with Jack and the Beanstalk). If you are using coins the object of the task is to count the coins rather than know the different values (although putting the same coins together would be a good sorting activity). 

Using the coins then be the giant and put different amounts of coins into pots/envelopes/small bags.                                                                                                    Using the beans then be the magic person and put different amounts of beans into pots/envelopes/small bags.                                                                                                  Your child can then be Jack and count how many coins/beans they have. 

Things to check - does your child move the objects as they count? Do they say a number for each object they count?                                                                                        Extend the task by asking: 'How many would there be if there was one more?/less?' Count two sets of objects to find out how many altogether.

Take turns with your child to be the giant/magic person and Jack.

Physical development:

Here is a link to Cosmic Yoga retelling the story of 'Going on a Bear Hunt' by Micheal Rosen.

Going on a Bear Hunt

Dance routines we often do in Nursery.

Can't Stop the Feeling

Gummy Bear

Dinosaur Stomp

A Ram Sam Sam

Expressive arts and design:

Your child could draw or paint pictures to illustrate the story the told. 

They could make puppets using paper characters stuck to straws, lolly sticks or spoons.