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Reception Notice Board during school closure

SCHOOL IS CLOSED DUE to the government's response to covid-19.

We will post school work on this Notice Board on Monday with several tasks that you could do throughout the week.  If you need to contact us please use the following email addresses:




 If you have serious concerns about anything please email SLT on: SLT@belmont.hounslow.sch.uk

Good Morning Reception! 

We hope you've had a good weekend and are ready for your new learning challenges. 

Please use the links on Google Classroom to access the morning and afternoon meeting.

Have a great week!


Click here to access Oranges Google Classroom



Click here to access Apples Google Classroom


BOOK OF THE WEEK - We're Going on a bear hunt








Thank you so much for all the entries to the Lockdown Photography competition.  The standard of the photographs has been incredible and we have all really enjoyed looking at the pictures on the website.


This week is the final round of the competition and the theme is: Changes


This could be the changes that are happening outside with the first signs of Spring appearing.  It could be linked to the changes that you will be making going from Home Learning back into school.  It could be the change from day to night.  You decide how you would like to represent the theme.


All of the entries will be displayed in the gallery on the Belmont website next week.  Depending on the number of entries, SLT then choose their favourite 10 photographs from each age category to go forward to the public vote. 

The winners will be announced on Friday 5th March.


Please ensure that you write the following in the Subject of your email:


  • child's name
  • year group
  • class
  • title of photograph


 A reminder of the rules:

  • Only one photograph per pupil to be entered
  • The photograph must be taken by the pupil in the last week
  • The photograph must be linked to the theme above
  • It should have an imaginative title which is submitted along with the photograph
  • The only editing allowed is cropping


All the entries must be submitted to photos@belmont.hounslow.sch.uk email by Tuesday 2nd March at 12pm.  Entries past this time will not be accepted into the competition.


Happy snapping!?



You will find details of your challenges and some video's to explain them on your Google classroom.  Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing this.            



I can retell the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt

This week we are going to be retelling the story, We're Going on a Bear Hunt. The children can choose how they do this and what props they use.

Firstly, watch Michael Rosen retelling the story and talk about what makes his storytelling so good. Discuss how he uses his voice, the actions that he adds to help us remember the story and the way the pictures are used to set the scene. 

Go onto your Google classroom to find all the video's and materials that you will need for this challenge.


I can understand and use prepositions and positional language

This week we are thinking about prepositions and positional language. In the book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, they repeatedly use the language, over, under and through.

We would like the children to understand and use this language during the week. There is a PowerPoint that you could use to check the children's understanding of positional language. 

Go onto your Google classroom to find all the materials that you will need for this challenge.

Understanding the World

This week we are exploring the settings of the bear story ‘Going on a Bear Hunt.’ We will then talk about the similarities and differences of a favourite setting compared to where you live.

Please upload any videos or pictures of your child discussing the similarities and differences.


Go onto your Google classroom to find all the materials that you will need for this challenge.

Creative Learning

 This week we are exploring the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We would like you to have a go at making your own brown bear. You can choose from the activities below:

1. Chocolate playdough

2. Chocolate bear cookies

Go to the Google Classroom to the instructions and resources you will need.  


This week we are going to learn some new sounds. There are videos for all of the sounds that the children are learning this week.


Oxford Owl have eBooks for your children to read while they are at home. They are use like the books we use in school. Look at the back of your child’s current reading book and it will have the book band written. Look for the colour on the website and your child can choose the book they would like to read.


You could try reading a Comic which use the sounds we have learnt. Start on Phase 2 and read the Comic with the sounds you know. 


Here are some questions you can ask your child while reading at home. Choose a couple of questions to ask at a time. 

Physical Development: Fine Motor Skills 

 All of the fine motor skills activities are linked to the story.

There are stick puppets and masks that they could use for their storytelling. These will need to be cut out. Remind them to always keep the scissors pointed away from their bodies and keep other fingers out of the way when cutting. Encourage them to move the paper as they cut rather than trying to manoeuvre the scissors. This approach also helps to ensure that the scissors are pointing away from them.

Go onto your Google classroom to find all the video's and materials that you will need for this challenge.

Physical Development: Gross Motor Skills

Over, Under and through challenge
Have a look around your home. Find some objects that you can travel over, under or through. Tell your grown up whether you travel ‘over’, ‘under’ or ‘through’ the objects. For example, under a table, over different boxes and through the door.

Once you have explored over, under and through, create your own obstacle course using materials you have at home. Remember to be safe when travelling in different ways. 

Go onto your Google classroom to find all the video's and materials that you will need for this challenge.

PE at home

Our PE Leads have put together a 'PE at home' document for you. It includes a range of online links and apps that you can use at home to help stay physically active during this time. 

Sensei Alex who runs our Belmont karate club has done lots of online lessons now available on Youtube.  He has uploaded some videos to youtube and more will be uploaded in the coming days.  You can subscribe to the page and click on notifications, as they will also be doing live streaming.   

Try some Karate