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Y6 Notice Board during school closure


School is closed until further notice due to the government’s response to Coronavirus.

We will post school work on this Notice Board on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you need to contact us please use the following email addresses:





We have created a password protected Y6 page which allows us to post children's work and photos safely.  You will receive a parentmail with the Y6 password.  Please do not share this beyond our immediate Y6 community.


We hope that you and your families stay safe and well. Here is some advice from the Healthy Schools team: Staying Healthy - Information for Parent 

Good morning Year 6

Welcome back. We hope you have had a relaxing weekend with your families. Today is the start of week 2 of virtual learning together!  We hope you enjoy the tasks set below. Please provide feedback, email if you need help and continue to send in photographs of your work ... you may find it displayed on our protected page! We all miss you loads!

Have you tried any of the activities below yet?

  • play a board game together 
  • read to one another
  • cook together 
  • design and make an obstacle course indoors or in your garden
  • tidy your rooms
  • sketch the view from outside your window
  • make up a song or rap
  • create an exercise routine inspired bu Joe Wicks 
  • dance and sing together to your favourite songs 

Keep in touch using the emails above and remember to take photographs of all the creative/exciting things you are doing so we share them on the noticeboard.

PE: Have a go at Joe Wicks PE lesson and send us a photo!


Monday 30th March


 Open the link to see the 'Free write' task we have set for you.

Free Write 

Write this in your notebooks - we would love to see your beautiful handwriting!  


Mrs Fanshawe:     

This week we our topic is Algebra.

Login to MyMaths and watch Algebraic thinking - Y6 lesson. Then complete the  'Algebraic thinking'homework task set. Top tip - use your knowledge of factors

In your exercise book complete a box of questions (A, B or C) from Target Maths page 78 or 79 'Missing Number Problems 1' .  Copy each question into your maths exercise book and write your answer neatly underneath. Answers will be posted on Wednesday.

Missing Number Problems 1 


Miss Kay:

This week we are going to consolidate our time knowledge and next week we will be looking at algebra. 

For today and Tuesday you have two tasks. Complete both in your notebooks. 

Task 1: Convert between 24 and 12 hour time. (Answers are on the last page)

Monday Task 1

Task 2: Reading timetables. Choose to complete two boxes (mild, hot or spicy).  

Monday Task 2                         Answers will be posted on Wednesday. 

Use the timeline method to help you. A clear example is on the Mymaths lesson

“Time calculations” – watch it!

Be sure by the end of Tuesday you can confidently convert between 24 and 12 hour time and answer time duration questions using the timeline method.  Ask if you need help using the email address above! I would love to hear from you - you could even share your arithmetic score from Friday. 

 Mymaths: Time and Timetables  


This week we would like you to complete the Science Activity in your pack. Use your knowledge of animal adaptations and have fun creating your own  animal adapted to a particular habitat. Use the planning sheet to help focus your ideas!

Animal adaptation task 



These will be changed every Monday. Please get somebody to test you at home. 

In your lined notebook, write a definition and your own interesting sentence for each word. 

obnoxious         potential

luscious             sacrificial

infectious          preferential

pretentious       impartial

fictitious             spacial 

gracious              official 


Let us know how you got on with last weeks spellings! 


 Open the link to find out what our new class reading book is...

Introduction to our class reading book  

In your purple reading comprehension books: 

Expected: Astronaut Dan pg46

Higher Score: Pleasant Sounds pg44   

Answers will be up on Wednesday!  Achieve 100+ Reading Practice Questions (Achieve KS2 SATs Revision ...


 Answers: Friday comprehension  

 Read for at least 20 minutes and write a summary in your reading log.