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  • 'Belmont has always struck the right balance between academia and learning for life.'
  • 'A school that doesn't just excel at the academics but provides so much more, whether its music lessons and the lunchtime choir, or the 350 spaces in clubs each week, the football and netball teams or the shows that raise the roof of the top hall.'
    Parent Governor
  • 'The children are really fortunate to have such wonderful opportunities which is why they love Belmont and which makes it such an amazing school.'
  • 'All adults in the school model very high expectations of themselves and of others. They show outstanding levels of care and concern for the personal development and well-being of each individual pupil.'
    Ofsted 2007
  • 'Moving on to secondary school, I will miss the teachers at Belmont, the great sense of a hard working community, my friends and the netball team.'
  • 'On my first day at Belmont everyone was so welcoming and I made friends straight away'.
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Year One Notice Board




Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you for the returned permission slips and parent helper volunteers for the trip to Chiswick House and Gardens  on Thursday 24th of May, It is possible that it will rain on Thursday, so please check the weather forecast and make sure your child is dressed accordingly on the day. 


In the mornings when the bell rings, can you please make sure that you stand back and let the children line up in their class lines in sight of their class teachers. For safeguarding purposes we need to make sure that we can see all the children in their line to make sure that they get inside safely.  


Please could we request bread sticks or rice cakes for the children. Thank you!


This term we will be completing the Year 1 Phonics Check. It will take place in the week beginning 11th June. The children will complete the check individually with their classroom teacher. It would be helpful to reinforce phonics at home. You may wish to look at the following website for more information and as a resource:  Oxford Owl - Phonics


Spring weather is finally here! Could you please pack a hat for your child to wear and apply sunscreen prior to the school day. Wednesday is now the outdoor PE day for Cherries and Pears when we will be playing tennis.  As the temperature is up and down, please make sure you pack a light jumper/jacket each day.


Calendar/ Key dates

24th May - Visit to Chiswick House and Gardens

Week commencing 11th June - Phonics Screening Check


School Diary



Home Learning

Recent and extensive educational research has found that homework for primary aged children has minimal impact unless it reinforces learning and regularly allows children to rehearse and practise skills and facts e.g. times tables and spellings.


Creative Home Learning 



Children are expected to read at home regularly (at least 10 - 15 minutes daily) and to discuss their reading with an adult at home to develop language and comprehension.  Reading Record books must be brought into school every Monday to be checked. It may be that the Reading Record is checked more than once during the week.  Children are able to change their reading book whenever they need to.  Also children may borrow books from the Infant Library. We encourage the children to share their library book with an adult at home as well.


Helping your child with reading 2017-18

Nurturing young readers

Reading with your child in Key Stage 1


Key words/ Spelling 

Please practise reading and writing your spellings. Make sure that you know the meaning of each word. Please also make sure that your children practice how to spell their surnames as well as using capital and lowercase letters correctly in their name.


This week’s spellings:



We have been looking again at suffixes for verbs where the suffix added to the root word is 'ed'. There are some tricky words we have looked at, where phonics does not help with the spelling of the root word. We have talked about how we notice the sound at the end of each word being a 'd' 't' or 'id' and how that is a clue that we need to write 'ed' at the end when spelling the word. It is important that the children can  read and spell the following words. Try to make learning the words fun and encourage them to recognise each word. Once they become more confident they could use the words to write a sentence.









pushed landed

Look Say Cover Write Check

Ideas to help with spelling 


Number Facts and Times Tables

It would be useful if the children could be given opportunities at home to practice the following key maths skills: number formation, number recognition up to 100, counting forwards and backwards, recognising one more or one less of a given number, adding and subtracting single and two digit numbers, and doubles up to 20.


You may like to view the whole school times tables challenge through the link below. Please note that Year 1 will not be completing these challenges until these skills have been taught.

Times tables challenge

Maths Curriculum Grid Year 1


Learning this week:


  • We will read some texts and find answers to questions about the text using a range of strategies
  • Checking spelling of Year 1 common exception words.
  • Creative narrative story writing.



  • Division:  this will be done practically. Sharing object between groups.
  • Fractions: half and quarter of objects, shapes and quantities. 


Learning after the half term break:


  • Recount writing about holidays.
  • Phonics revision and reading activities.



  • Telling the time: Analogue and digital clocks to the hour and half hour.


Year 1 Summer Learning Tree