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Belmont Primary School

Belmont Primary School

  • 'Belmont has always struck the right balance between academia and learning for life.'
  • 'A school that doesn't just excel at the academics but provides so much more, whether its music lessons and the lunchtime choir, or the 350 spaces in clubs each week, the football and netball teams or the shows that raise the roof of the top hall.'
    Parent Governor
  • 'The children are really fortunate to have such wonderful opportunities which is why they love Belmont and which makes it such an amazing school.'
  • 'All adults in the school model very high expectations of themselves and of others. They show outstanding levels of care and concern for the personal development and well-being of each individual pupil.'
    Ofsted 2007
  • 'Moving on to secondary school, I will miss the teachers at Belmont, the great sense of a hard working community, my friends and the netball team.'
  • 'On my first day at Belmont everyone was so welcoming and I made friends straight away'.
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Year Four Notice Board



Please log in to parentpay asap to give consent and payment for the Kew Gardens trip on Thursday 7th June. Please see letter below for more details,



Monday -Reading Records to be bought to school with at least 3 comments.

Tuesday - Homework due & Morning Mile 

Wednesday  - PE 

Thursday - Homework goes out  & PE 

Friday - Wake up, Shake up & Enrichment


Calendar/ Key dates


Friday 25th May - Wake Up Shake Up with Parents (9.00AM Start)

Monday 28th May- Friday 1st June - HALF TERM

Thursday 7th June - Kew Gardens Trip 

Friday 8th June - Mufti day – Brain Tumour Charity

Monday 11th June - Health and Wellbeing week begins

Wednesday 13th -  Sports Day (KS2 am  KS1 &EY pm)

Thursday 21st June - Warner Brothers rescheduled trip 

Saturday 30th June - Summer Fair 

Thursday 5th July - Parent drop in 3.30pm – 5pm and Community Party  4.30pm – 7pm *No after school clubs on this day*


 School Diary



 Warner Brothers Reschedule letter

 Kew Gardens Trip Letter


Home Learning

Recent and extensive educational research has found that homework for primary aged children has minimal impact unless it reinforces learning and regularly allows children to rehearse and practise skills and facts e.g. times tables and spellings.



Children are expected to read at home regularly (at least 15 - 20 minutes daily) and to discuss their reading with an adult at home to develop language and comprehension.  Reading Record books must be brought into school every Monday to be checked. It may be that the Reading Record is checked more than once during the week.  Children are able to change their reading book whenever they need to.  Also children may borrow books from the Junior Library. We encourage the children to share their library book with an adult at home as well.

Helping your child with reading 2017-18

Nurturing young readers

Reading with your child in Key Stage 2

Year 4 Recommended Reading List


Key words/ Spelling

Please practise reading and writing your spellings. Make sure that you know the meaning of each word. There is a Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet below that you can use to help you. Spellings will be tested through a dictation each week.


This week’s spellings:

Spelling words assessed each Tuesday.

Learners choose which list to practice spellings from.  This is to encourage the learners to take ownership of their learning and make good learning choices. When practicing at home, ensure you understand the meaning of the word and can use it within a sentence. How many spelling words can you put into one sentence?


'shun' sound

List 1  List 2 

1. mention

2. division 

3. television

4. permission

5. confession

6. injection

7. direction

8. attention

9. invention 

10. session 

1. electrician 

2. confusion

3. mathematician 

4. discussion 

5. politician

6. completion

7. hesitation

8. attention

9. reduction

10. expression


Look, Say, Write, Cover, Check
Ideas to help with spelling



This week's workbook pages are 'Clauses' pg 14 and pg 15  and 'Commas to separate clauses' Page 44 and 45 



This week's workbook page 28 'Counting Hundredths' 


Number Facts and Times Tables

You can print your child's times tables challenge to practise at home. You can also see these overview with timings and key skills. 

Times tables challenge

Maths Curriculum Grid Year 4


Creative Home Learning

This term our Creative Home Learning is connected to our topic, Tree of Life 

Year 4 Summer 2018 Creative Home Learning


Learning this week:


Persuasive Writing 


Fractions and Decimals


Learning next week:


Grammar recap


Assessment week 


Year 4 Learning Tree Summer